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BrightonSEO Slides – April 2019

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href Media were among fellow digital marketers who attended BrightonSEO last week. It was an excellent day with a fantastic speaker line up. For any of you who didn’t get to attend or those still buzzing with ideas from the day, please find the collection of decks/slides from the April 2019 Brighton SEO conference below.

We’ll gradually be updating the list as soon as the additional slides are made available, so if you are aware of any we’re missing, please get in touch and we’ll add them straight away!

Presentation TitleSlidesTopicSpeaker(s)TimeRunning Order
Driving *meaningful* clicks with enriched SERPsView/DownloadSnippets and SchemaIzzi SmithMorning 10:00-11:151
Featured Snippets - the achievable SERP feature?View/DownloadSnippets and SchemaEmily PotterMorning 10:00-11:152
A Structured Data Case Study: How to Make Your Websites Stand Out in SearchView/DownloadSnippets and SchemaKenichi SuzukiMorning 10:00-11:153
Speed & Performance Optimisation: How to Meet Users’ High ExpectationsView/DownloadSite SpeedRachel CostelloMorning 10:00-11:154
How to get a 100% Lighthouse performance scoreView/DownloadSite SpeedPolly PospelovaMorning 10:00-11:155
How to Trim JS, CSS and External Stuff to Slim Down and Speed up your SiteView/DownloadSite SpeedChris SimmanceMorning 10:00-11:156
Small Biz Small Budget - 10 Do's and 5 Don'ts for Local SEO SuccessView/DownloadLocal SEOClaire CarlileMorning 10:00-11:157
Can You Rank in Local Without a Website?View/DownloadLocal SEODarren ShawMorning 10:00-11:158
Harry and Lloyd's Idiot Proof Guide to GMB OptimizationView/DownloadLocal SEOGreg GiffordMorning 10:00-11:159
8 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion RateView/DownloadEcommerceFaye WattMorning 10:00-11:1510
Black Friday SEO: where and when to start, quick wins and top tipsView/DownloadEcommerceAlexandra CouttsMorning 10:00-11:1511
Social Proof and Leveraging the Power of ConsumersView/DownloadEcommerceJustin ClarkeMorning 10:00-11:1512
Big budget video advertising on a small business budgetView/DownloadContent ProductionPhil NottinghamMorning 10:00-11:1513
LMFAO: Leveraging Machines for Awesome OutreachView/DownloadContent ProductionGareth SimpsonMorning 10:00-11:1514
The Art of Content Necromancy: How to Resurrect a Dead CampaignView/DownloadContent ProductionKat KynesMorning 10:00-11:1515
Google Smart bidding: How to train your algorithmView/DownloadPPCKian NjieMorning 10:00-11:1516
Land Grab: How to win business from your competitors with Google PPCView/DownloadPPCTanesha StaffordMorning 10:00-11:1517
The importance of tagging when it comes to reporting and optimising in paid searchDownload TBCPPCCharlotte SelfMorning 10:00-11:1518
Embrace WeChat MarketingView/DownloadRussia & ChinaChristina XuMorning 10:00-11:1519
Harnessing the Russian digital opportunityView/DownloadRussia & ChinaAnna MilburnMorning 10:00-11:1520
Maximising Your Media Through SEO - How To Drive More From Your ATL CampaignsView/DownloadCross ChannelRic RodriguezMorning 10:00-11:1521
Corvidae: Identifying new customer acquisition opportunitiesView/DownloadCross ChannelRoss PatonMorning 10:00-11:1522
How to drive content marketing successView/DownloadCross ChannelIrma Hunkeler & Edward TrippierMorning 10:00-11:1523
Improve your Rankings with Internal Link Building, and no headaches.View/DownloadOnsiteChristoph C. CemperMid-Morning 11:45-13:0024
Why I adore Sitemaps, an ex-Google engineer's love storyDownload TBCOnsiteFili WieseMid-Morning 11:45-13:0025
Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by Closing Your Content GapsView/DownloadOnsiteRazvan GavrilasMid-Morning 11:45-13:0026
Search Presence Intelligence - Where Search Meets Business IntelligenceView/DownloadSERPsStephan BajaioMid-Morning 11:45-13:0027
Why UX is SEO's best friendView/DownloadSERPsLuke Hay Michelle Wilding-BakerMid-Morning 11:45-13:0028
Uncovering SERPs: What happens in search right now and how to benefit from itDownload TBCSERPsOlga AndrienkoMid-Morning 11:45-13:0029
Your New Google Analytics BFFDownload TBCMeasurementDana DiTomasoMid-Morning 11:45-13:0030
Using Google Tag Manager to send Scroll Depth and YouTube view measurements to AnalyticsView/DownloadMeasurementAzeem AhmadMid-Morning 11:45-13:0031
Changing the game with SupermetricsView/DownloadMeasurementSam CaesarMid-Morning 11:45-13:0032
Restructuring Websites to Improve IndexabilityView/DownloadCrawl ManagementAreej AbuAliMid-Morning 11:45-13:0033
Simple ways to visualise your crawl data with no coding knowledge requiredView/DownloadCrawl ManagementAnders Riise KochMid-Morning 11:45-13:0034
Crawl Budget is dead, please welcome Rendering BudgetView/DownloadCrawl ManagementRobin EisenbergMid-Morning 11:45-13:0035
Why we all should stop ignoring BingView/DownloadBeyond GoogleJulia LoganMid-Morning 11:45-13:0036
Voice Visibility: Tracking voice results on Alexa & GoogleView/DownloadBeyond GoogleSteff PreyerMid-Morning 11:45-13:0037
No search volume? No problem!Download TBCBeyond GoogleDom HodgsonMid-Morning 11:45-13:0038
Using data science to work smarter, not harder in PPCDownload TBCPaid SearchDuncan SillsMid-Morning 11:45-13:0039
Become a Local Hero: PPC Tips to Boss Your NeighbourhoodDownload TBCPaid SearchOliver EwbankMid-Morning 11:45-13:0040
Search is Stagnating: It's time to explore more biddable diversity.Download TBCPaid SearchMatt WhelanMid-Morning 11:45-13:0041
How to use programmatic to drive search results internationallyDownload TBCInternationalGemma HoughtonMid-Morning 11:45-13:0042
The Most Popular Influencer is Almost Never the One You Really NeedDownload TBCInternationalDaiana DamacusMid-Morning 11:45-13:0043
How to Marie Kondo your SEOView/DownloadEfficiencyRebekah DunneMid-Morning 11:45-13:0044
5 Time-Saving SEO Alerts to Use Right NowView/DownloadEfficiencyMarco BonomoMid-Morning 11:45-13:0045
100 million keywords. Now what?!Download TBCEfficiencyAlen-Jelco TodorovMid-Morning 11:45-13:0046
Competitor Analysis: A Scientific MethodView/DownloadCompetitor ResearchPaola DidoneAfternoon 14:30-15:4547
Killer Competitor Content Research and StrategyView/DownloadCompetitor ResearchLana BurgessAfternoon 14:30-15:4548
How you should build your new etail content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysisDownload TBCCompetitor ResearchAlexandre SigoigneAfternoon 14:30-15:4549
Podcasting for subscribers, mentions and really big linksView/DownloadContent MarketingCorinne CardAfternoon 14:30-15:4550
Standing out online with a unique and compelling brand voiceView/DownloadContent MarketingBethany JoyAfternoon 14:30-15:4551
The Content Comeback: 5 Steps for Bouncing Back When Your Campaign FailsView/DownloadContent MarketingShannon McGuirkAfternoon 14:30-15:4552
How to Make Fake News For LinksView/DownloadLink BuildingOliver BrettAfternoon 14:30-15:4553
10 tips to scale link building for your clients!View/DownloadLink BuildingSam MortonAfternoon 14:30-15:4554
Gamification: Link building in a FortniteView/DownloadLink BuildingBecky SimmsAfternoon 14:30-15:4555
Living on the Edge: Elevating your SEO toolkit to the CDNView/DownloadTech SEONils De MoorAfternoon 14:30-15:4556
How To Use Chrome Puppeteer to Fake Googlebot & Monitor Your SiteDownload TBCTech SEOTom PoolAfternoon 14:30-15:4557
CLI Automation - Using the Command Line to Automate Repetitive TasksView/DownloadTech SEOMike OsolinskiAfternoon 14:30-15:4558
Leveraging E-A-T for SEO SuccessView/DownloadFundamentalsLily RayAfternoon 14:30-15:4559
6 Things Your Boss Expects You Should Know About SEOView/DownloadFundamentalsLukasz ZeleznyAfternoon 14:30-15:4560
How to Repurpose Existing Content to Help your StrategyView/DownloadFundamentalsCoral LuckAfternoon 14:30-15:4561
Search vs. Bureaucracy: How to Stand Up an Organic Search Program for Your ClientDownload TBCClient SuccessHeather PhysiocAfternoon 14:30-15:4562
Retaining Struggling Clients: How To Rebuild TrustView/DownloadClient SuccessLaura HoganAfternoon 14:30-15:4563
Efficiency in the workplace: Mindset mastery and meditationView/DownloadClient SuccessBriony GunsonAfternoon 14:30-15:4564
The impact of translation on SEO and how they can work togetherDownload TBCInternationalisationValentine LacourAfternoon 14:30-15:4565
Why hreflang is crucial to international SEO successView/DownloadInternationalisationMauro CattaneoAfternoon 14:30-15:4566
Why Google isn't giving update advice anymoreDownload TBCExperimentalJohn WarnerAfternoon 14:30-15:4567
Perfect Outcomes: Create amazing websites 10x Faster with Rapid PrototypingView/DownloadExperimentalJustin TaylorAfternoon 14:30-15:4568
The Seedy Underbelly of Keyword Research and Search IntentView/DownloadExperimentalMark OsborneAfternoon 14:30-15:4569
Huge SEO success stories and what we can learn from themDownload TBCFuture of SearchMarcus ToberLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1570
How to Drive Big Site SEO Impact in Google's New, Linkless AlgorithmView/DownloadFuture of SearchChris LiversidgeLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1571
Forget Alexa, The Voice Search Devices Of The FutureView/DownloadFuture of SearchPatrick ReinhartLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1572
Sexy AF SEO Revenue Growth with Your Discontinued ProductsDownload TBCOnsite SEOLuke CarthyLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1573
The State of Pagination and Infinite Scroll on the WebView/DownloadOnsite SEOAdam GentLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1574
Predicting the Impact of Technical SEO changesView/DownloadOnsite SEOFrançois GoubeLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1575
How to protect your online reputation: Lessons from the FTSE 100View/DownloadOnline PRAlex JuddLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1576
The killer outreach email that gets opened, replied to and mainly gains linksView/DownloadOnline PRHana BednarovaLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1577
How to pitch an idea your client/boss can't say no toView/DownloadOnline PRChris LeeLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1578
The Circle of Trust: SEO DataDownload TBCDataMatthew BrownLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1579
Turning Your Data Into Compelling StoriesDownload TBCDataJeroen MaljersLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1580
Why data science analysis is better than YOUR analysisView/DownloadDataGeorge KarapalidisLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1581
Screaming Frog + Xpath: A Guide to Analyse the Pants Off Your CompetitionView/DownloadSEO AutomationSabine LangmannLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1582
Automate your SEO tasks with custom extractionView/DownloadSEO AutomationMax CouplandLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1583
Bringing the fun back to SEO with PythonView/DownloadSEO AutomationBenjamin GoerlerLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1584
How to tell if there's a demand to launch your business overseasDownload TBCSuccessJames BrownLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1585
How to measure the value of generic keyword successView/DownloadSuccessTimothy HawesJohn SadeghipoorLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1586
Using data to keep your customers happyView/DownloadSuccessEli ZhelevaLate Afternoon 16:10-17:1587
Keynote Q&A SessionDownload TBCKeynote Q&A SessionJohn MuellerKeynote Q&A Session88

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