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Content Marketing Services

We specialise in two main types of content for businesses (others are available on request):

Blog Posts

Adding regular content to your company blog is beneficial to your overall website SEO, as search engines come back to your site more often to re-crawl and index these pages. Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to contribute regularly to blog posts. We can help provide high quality tailored content that fits in with your target audience and seasonal influences.

Article Creation

Our writers have specialist knowledge in the subject areas they write about. The intention of the article is to publish informative content on external websites that will feature your brand. The average length of an article is around 500 words and we encourage original images to be supplied to enhance the article further. It’s important to think of your target audience when creating each piece, as our focus is on your readers; what they would find useful, interesting and potentially share with friends on social media. This helps to build more awareness around your brand as well as building backlinks from authoritative sources, which will help support your organic rankings in search engines and increase visibility from search queries.

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